National University Science and Tehncology POLITEHNICA Bucharest in partnership with The Academy of Romanian Scientists and National Center of Micro and Nanomaterials organize the
Virtual International Scientific Conference on Applications of Chemistry in Nanosciences and Biomaterials Engineering – NanoBioMat 2024 – Summer Edition
between June 19-21, 2024

Conference opening – 19 June at 10:00 AM – OPENING CEREMONY
Chair: Ecaterina ANDRONESCU


The program will be published on the official webpage of AOSR on 12.06.2024, as well as in the TEAMS Class.
The link for the TEAMS Class will be provided in due time, on or before 19.06.2024.

The topics for the conference include, but are not limited to:

• novel materials;
• surface chemistry;
• air and soil bioremediation;
• composite materials and biomaterials;
• applications of natural compounds and chemical products;
• nanomaterials and bionanomaterials for the controlled release of biologically active molecules;
• bionanoproducts for tissue engineering and regeneration;
• advanced techniques for material processing.

Registration should be done using the link:
Registration is free for all students and postdoctoral researchers (or equivalent).

Abstract submission:
Abstract should be submitted in MS Word document using the link on or before 09.06.2024. The abstract should be 150 – 300 words and it must contain the title, authors, and their full affiliation.