The FIT Europe Erasmus+ project (, running between 2019-2022, organized 4 international seminars for master-level students, with speakers from various domains, backgrounds and from both corporate and research environments.

Each seminar was hosted by one of the four partner universities, and dealt with the technical and societal implications of recent technologies – Big Data, Blockchain, IoT, and Assistive Robots. During each one-week seminar, students participated in interactive sessions on a variety of technical and non-technical sessions, enjoyed hands-on activities, and collaborated with corporate partners to develop interesting projects, explore novel ideas, or answer challenging questions.

In total, 75 students, from 4 universities, originating from 15 countries, participated in the 4 seminars. They were joined by 44 speakers and mentors, from 22 universities and companies.

The project was disseminated in each of the four universities. In Bucharest, it was disseminated during the “Human Dimension of Artificial Intelligence” workshop organized by the International Center of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence@UPB.

All of the resources which were developed during the project are published online on the FIT Europe Multimedia Library