Decan: Prof. dr. ing. Mariana-Florentina ȘTEFĂNESCU
Prodecan: Prof. dr. ing. Constantin BUCŞAN
Prodecan: Prof. dr. ing. Adrian PREDESCU
Prodecan: Conf. dr. ing. Horațiu POP
Prodecan: Conf. dr. ing. Iuliana-Marlena PRODEA


Mecatronica si mecanica de precizie
Director departament
Prof. dr. ing. Mihai AVRAM
Telefon: +4021-402 91 15

Termotehnica, motoare, echipamente termice si frigorifice
Director departament Valentin APOSTOL
Telefon: +4021-402 93 39

Organe de masini si tribologie
Director departament
Prof. dr. ing. Sorin CĂNĂNĂU
Telefon: +4021-402 94 11

Echipamente pentru procese industriale
Director departament
Conf. dr. ing. Nicoleta SPOREA
Telefon: +4021-402 91 93

Splaiul Independentei 313, cod postal 060042, sector 6, Bucuresti, corp CG 008

Telefon / Fax
Tel: +4021-402 93 01
Tel: +4021-318 10 19



Fields of study:
Thermal Systems and Equipment
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
Industrial Processes Equipment
Precision Mechanics and Nanotechnologies
Economic Engineering in the Mechanical Field
Industrial design

Specializări Master
Concepţie integrată în ingineria mecanică
Evaluarea riscului, siguranței şi integrității echipamentelor sub presiune
Ingineria calității și mediului în industriile de proces
Ingineria şi managementul sistemelor şi echipamentelor termice
Mecanică de precizie
Sisteme hidraulice şi pneumatice avansate
Termomecanica echipamentelor pentru procese industriale
Mecatronica avansata
Inginerie de mentenanță pentru ELI-NP
Optometrie avansata
Antreprenoriat industrial
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The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was set up in 1921 as part of the Faculty of Electromechanics, to become a distinct faculty in the 1950s. Over the years very prestigious professors have contributed to the training process of our students, such as presidents and members of the Romanian Academy, famous scientific personalities at both national and international level.

At present the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics offers the students diplomas in four fields, namely: Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Robotics, Industrial Management and Engineering and Applied Engineering Sciences. In turn, the field of Mechanical Engineering is divided starting with the third year of study into the following specializations: Thermal Systems and Equipment, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems and Equipment, Industrial Processes Equipment and Precision Mechanics and Nanotechnologies.

Our students are trained mainly in order to focus on the activity related to the industrial processes in the field, ensuring complete training in the use of the highest technology, in assisted design of components and mechanical sub-assemblies by means of the CAD-CAE systems, in virtual simulation of their operation, as well as in devising and using data acquisition, storage and processing systems necessary for the research equipment existing in the labs of our faculty.

We must also emphasize the fact that the technical facilities of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics laboratories were completed with software products and equipment of the highest level on the basis of national and international funding programmes.

For graduate students the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics organizes in-depth studies every year in the fields of: thermal equipment, designing sustainable mechanical components, precision mechanics, mechatronics, process equipment, hydro and pneumatic installations, industrial entrepreneurship, as well as in the field of climatization and cold technique.