University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest (UPB) assumes the mission to train specialists in different technical fields that are able to use valuable scientific, technical and cultural knowledge, to contribute to the technological, economic and social-cultural progress of the Romanian society and the contemporary world. UPB ensures a performant education, developed and perfected through a complex research activity, continuing the tradition of the Polytechnic School of Bucharest, according to the exigencies and the means offered by the modern information society. It aims to create a new technical university profile, which promotes forms of training adapted to the requirements of a competing society, subject to the integration process in the European and international community.

Its main mission is to train an engineer capable of adapting to the requirements of market economy and new technologies, with an economic and managerial knowledge and promote the principles of sustainable development and environmental protection. To do this, he must be formed according to the modern principle of direct participation in choosing his formative trajectory and to be included in a learning process that will give him real chances to compete on the labour market.

University Politehnica of Bucharest has the mission to bring together education, training and scientific research. The role of this intersection is to increase knowledge and innovation, two key concepts of knowledge-based economy and society.

In a time of globalization, challenges are becoming more and more complex. The university must have strong management, university autonomy and relevant leadership structures to integrate in this context. The institutionalization of several actions, such as student exchanges, the creation of connections in scientific research, and renowned teachers can help speed up the process and improve education.

The most important mission of the university is to produce knowledge through scientific research. It applies the theoretical and practical knowledge in the professional training of the students, with the aim of initiating them in the chosen field.

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The University focuses on achieving the objectives of developing economic and social cohesion in line with the goals set out in the 2020 Strategy. To accomplish the mission, it projects the processes and objectives that lead to the development of society. The students are at the centre of university’s concerns, so goals, action plans, policies, developed strategies, and applied principles serve their interests.

As a European member state, Romania must implement the programs designed in the European Areas of Higher Education and Research and meet the objectives of the Union’s agenda.

Education and Training 2020 seeks lifelong learning for EU citizens, improving the quality and efficiency of the education system, promoting social cohesion, active citizenship, and stimulating creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in education.

The University Politehnica of Bucharest will propose for approval to the university’s senate a new strategy that seeks the following:

  1. Maintain and develop skills in fundamental and engineering sciences, indispensable for the sustainability of technological development;
  2. Develop soft skills, social and relational skills;
  3. Personal development of students;
  4. Encourage the learning of modern languages;
  5. Encourage student participation in mobility programs;
  6. Ensure ongoing dialogue with students;
  7. Encourage extracurricular activities;
  8. Develop volunteering;
  9. Encourage graduates with the best professional results in becoming teachers.


Two centuries after the founding of the university and a century after the independence of Romania, the continuous thread of our goals remains the same – to educate for a better future, to find solutions through research for a better present, and to positively influence the context of our society.