Time as a student is the period when a young person’s life develops various colours. New horizons open up and opportunities arise that only students have the chance to experience. Of course, helped by the age-specific enthusiasm and the choices you make, you have the opportunity to take advantage of this period of life for both your own well-being and the society in which you live.

Being active in an NGO is perhaps the best and easiest way to gain experience in the areas you are interested in and of course training or developing the existing skills.

Student Non-Governmental Organizations are institutions and social structures made of students with the same set of interests and motivations. In Romania, there are a multitude of such associations especially dedicated to students who can help you spend your spare time in a productive way. Choosing one of these relies solely on aspirations, preferences, priorities, and how you want to live and work.

Another reason to work in a student NGO is to gain the experience required for any job. Experience (in the field studied and not only) is perhaps the most important part of these years of transition between the learning and the work stage. With the help of organizations, you can learn the mechanisms underlying your area of interests, and the advantage is that this happens earlier than it would normally do.

As you well know, volunteer work is pro bono, so that the value of work done is based on your own initiative and the simple desire to engage in activities.

When the motivations are the same, a connection is born between people, and the events and actions you will share together can be unrepeatable experiences. In the end, volunteering is a personal experience and is one of the first steps a student can go through to be prepared to go out into the big world.