Integrated Development 4.0 

Digitalization and Industry 4.0 are enablers of fundamental business innovation and disruption.

By closely interlinking development processes, logistics and production with Industry 4.0 technologies, iDev40 achieves a disruptive step towards speedup in time to market. By developing and implementing a digitalization strategy for the European electronic components and systems industry a “breakthrough change” is initialized. 

Integrated Development 4.0 leads the digital transformation of singular processes towards an integrated digital value chain based on the “digital twin” concept. Development, planning and manufacturing will benefit from the “digital twin” concept in terms of highly digitized virtual processes along the whole product lifecycle.

General Objective

Addressing European Policies for 2020 and beyond iDev40 aims to offer solutions to some difficult societal and organizational challenges, like innovate technologies to master the increasing complexity of development and manufacturing of ECS “made in Europe” regarding digitalization approaches and high-quality knowledge. Strengthen European competitiveness through interdigitated development and production. Due to the creation of skilled jobs specific areas of logistics, products and processes are virtualized. The collaboration of key European ECS actors in terms of digitalization is strengthened. “Knowledge workers” in manufacturing as well as development and assessment of global value chains are supported by smarter machines (AI).

iDev40 covers the whole value chain to provide sustainable, digital and industrial solutions for integrated development and production. 


UPB Partner Profile and Role

University Politehnica of Bucharest is partner in the iDEV40 project through Center of Technological Electronics and Interconnection Techniques from Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology.

Work Package 1 and 7 involvment within the following tasks as leader:

  • Security requirements for data communications

UPB proposes a model based on an security architecture that include a security module (hardware and software) capable of connecting to multiple equipment/devices within a Industry 4.0 factory to offer secure data connections between all clients and servers (cloud or fog computing).

  • Virtual investigations of test boards – in partnership with INFINEON Romania

UPB contributes to the virtual twin of several test boards developed by INFINEON Romania, realizing the thermal modelling and simulation analysis for key scenarios to determine the optimal power consumption and distribution within each configuration of the electronic module.

  • Machine Learning/Deep Learning for semiconductor manufacturing data analysis
  • UPB uses different analysis algorithms for large data sets (BIG data) to establish the criteria for determining valuable data in silicon manufacturing industry in order to detect and minimize corrupt wafers.