UPB benefits from approximately 13,000 accommodation places, divided into 2 campuses:

Regie, located in 290Splaiul Independentei, sector 6, Bucharest, is composed of 27 student halls (26 belonging to UPB and one – P20 belonging to the University of Medicine), a cafeteria, a laundry room, a medical centre, a police unit, several food shops, copy centres, restaurants and clubs.

All UPB residences have undergone major repairs over the last four years, offering optimal accommodation and study conditions (reading rooms in all the halls). All furniture – beds, cabinets, study tables and chairs, as well as bedding (mattresses, beds, sheets) is new.

The 28 student halls belonging to UPB are divided into three main categories:

  • P1 – P11: four-bed rooms and own bathroom;
  • P13, P14, P17, P18: four-bed rooms, washbasin in the room and common sanitary units at the end of the corridors;
  • P15, P16, P21 – P27: Two-bed rooms, washbasin in the room and common sanitary units at the end of the corridors.

The P12 and P19 halls have two-bed rooms with their own bathroom and accommodate students with families, young teaching staff from UPB, foreign students coming through the European programmes LLP-ERASMUS, LEONARDO or MUNDIS, visiting professors, etc.

Leu, located in 1 – 3 Iuliu Maniu Bd., sector 6, Bucharest, is composed of 2 residences (A LEU and C LEU), the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology, a cafeteria, a buffet, a laundry, a medical centre and so on.

The 2 residences belonging to UPB are:

  • Leu, building A: three-bed rooms with private bathroom;
  • Leu, building C: two-bed rooms, with washbasin in the room and common sanitary units at the end of the corridors.

This significant number of accommodation places makes the University Politehnica of Bucharest to approve 90% of the students’ accommodation applications, including the first year students.

The closest means of transport are the Politehnica metro station and RATB lines: 69, 90, 91, 96, 105, 126, 137, 336.

Since the safety of students on campus is an absolute priority of UPB, since 2005, the following measures have been taken:

  • installing intercoms at access doors in all dormitories;
  • installing video cameras at the entrances and exits of the dormitories;
  • installing surveillance cameras at the entrances to and within the campuses.

All images captured by these cameras are transmitted to a 24-hour centre monitored by security agents of UPB and by the officers of the Police Unit in Regie.

The modernization of the campus was spread over a period of 4 years, during which major repairs were carried out in all the residences.

Together with the repair work, networks for Internet access have been implemented. Thus, all campus students have permanent and unlimited access to information through quick and efficient Internet connections.

In order for students to benefit from suitable study spaces, reading rooms were set up in all the halls. Green spaces were another priority of UPB management, which ensured the planting of over 1,500 trees and shrubs.

For leisure, students have at their disposal some clubs where they can listen to music and dance. To name a few, there are those that over the years have succeeded in becoming brands of the student life: Club Maxx, Club Dumars and R2 Nightclub.

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Each faculty within UPB has a number of accommodation places allocated, commensurate to the number of students in each faculty.

Inginerie ElectricăP7, P24
EnergeticăP8, P17, P26
Automatică și CalculatoareP3 (parțial), P5, P6, P9 (parțial), P16, P22
Electronică, Telecomunicații și Tehnologia InformațieiA LEU, C LEU (parțial), P3 (parțial)
Inginerie Mecanică și MecatronicăP11
Ingineria și Managementul Sistemelor TehnologiceP4, P18, P25 (parțial)
Ingineria Sistemelor BiotehniceP9 (parțial), P13 (parțial), P14, P15
Inginerie AerospațialăP27
Știința și Ingineria MaterialelorP21
Inginerie cu predare în limbi străineP10 (parțial), P13 (parțial)
Științe AplicateP25 (parțial)
Chimie Aplicată si Știința MaterialelorP1, P2
TransporturiP10(parțial), P13(parțial), P14, P15
Inginerie MedicalaP1, P4
Antreprenoriat, Ingineria si Managementul AfacerilorP3, P6
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[u_heading]For accommodation you need:[/u_heading]
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