• After the selection process in your university, you are nominated as an exchange student by your home university. The inter-institutional agreement stipulates the study period will be mutually recognised by the partner universities.
  • The first step for any future incoming student of UPB is always to contact the International Coordinator from your university.
  • Your home International Office must send us the official nomination by e-mail to erasmus@upb.ro, with the details about your study in the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest:

– your FULL name and surname,

– period of study (autumn/spring semester),

– subject / field of study,

– year of study and level (undergraduate / postgraduate / doctoral),

– your e-mail address.

Deadline for nomination and sending the application documents:

– 30th of June for the Autumn Semester and all academic year,

– 30th of November for the Spring Semester.


  • If you have been nominated, you will receive an email from erasmus@upb.ro or student.erasmus@upb.ro with the following information: the links with the courses catalogues, and forms for Student Application Form, and Room Reservation Form.
  • For the Learning Agreement, you need to register and complete it here: www.learning-agreement.eu/student/
  • The student must fill in the documents and send them as soon they are signed by the involved parts.

When you arrive in Bucharest, you must visit ERASMUS+ Office.


Ask your home university for the Certificate of Arrival form, and the ERASMUS+ Office will sign it at your arrival.

You have to bring with you when the semester begins:

  • 3 photos (3/4 for Student ID – 2 photos, Library ID – one photo).
  • A photo copy of your ID or passport for registration in P19 dorm (only for the students who choose to apply for accommodation in the campus with the Room Reservation Form).

After the start of the semester you are able to change/add/delete courses from your Learning Agreement on OLA (online learning agreement)