ERASMUS+ Responsible Persons for each UPB faculty in charge of signing OLA for studies and OLA for partnerships.


Name and surname
Phone number
E-mail address
Electrical Engineering (FIE)Prof. Ana Maria DUMITRESCUVice Dean International Relations (IR)
Power Engineering (FE)Prof. Ion TRISTIUVice Dean (IR)
Automatic Control and Computer Sciences (FAC)Prof. Ioan-Stefan SACALAVice Dean (IR)
Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology (FETTI)Prof. Iulian NASTACVice Dean (IR)
Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics (FIMM)Prof. Marilena STOICAVice Dean (IR)
Industrial Engineering and Robotics (FIIR)Prof. Irina SEVERINVice Dean (IR)
Engineering in Foreign Languages (FILS)Prof. Adriana LUNGUVice Dean (IR)
Transports (FT)Prof. Florin NEMTANUVice Dean (IR)
Aerospace Engineering (FIA)Prof. Nicoleta Elisabeta PASCUVice Dean (IR)
Material Science and Engineering (FSIM)Prof. Cosmin Mihai COTRUTVice Dean (IR)
Applied Chemistry and Materials Science (FCASM)Prof. Cristina TODASCAVice Dean (IR)
Biotechnical Systems Engineering (FISB)Prof. George Catalin IONVice Dean (IR)
Applied Sciences (FSA)Prof. Vladimir BALANVice Dean (IR)
Medical Engineering (FIM)Prof. Izabela-Cristina STANCUVice Dean (IR)
Entrepreneurship, Business Engineering and Management (FAIMA)Prof. Daniela Cristina MOMETEVice Dean (IR)