In 2019, the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest (UPB) endorsed the principles established in The European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (C&C).

On 28 April 2019 UPB has started the procedure for the implementation of the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers, in order to obtain the HR Excellence in Research award, by fully endorsing the 40 principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.
On September 7th, 2020 our University was granted the ”HR Excellence in Research” award.
The assessors welcomed the care taken in aligning our institution’s HR practices with those of the Charter and Code principles. The comprehensive analysis and action plan meet all the requirements for the use of the ‘HR Excellence in research’ award.
The award reflects our commitment to continuously improve our human resource policies in line with the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, notably the UPB commitment to achieve fair and transparent recruitment and appraisal procedures.

HRS4R – The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers


Initiation phase November 2018
Decision of CA UPB April 2019
CE notification regarding  endorsement of HRS4R C&C
May 2019
GAP analysis May 2019
Survey 2019
Action plan March 2020
Submission of the GAP analysis and AP to the European Commission April 2020
1st Implementation phase
2020 – 2022

The European Commission will evaluate the first implementation phase and, based on this evaluation, UPB will develop a revised Action Plan for 2022-2025.

Project director:

Tudor PRISECARU, PhD, Vice-rector for Scientific Research at UPB

The Scientific Committee:

Dragoș NICULAE, Lecturer; Mihai MARICARU, Lecturer; Professor George SERITAN, PhD. Eng.; Cristina GHEORGHE, Lecturer; Professor Virgil DUMBRAVĂ, PhD. Eng.; Professor Cristian DINCĂ, PhD. Eng.; Cristian LĂZĂROIU, Lecturer; Liana VUȚĂ, Lecturer; Professor Ioana FĂGĂRĂȘAN, PhD. Eng.; Professor Florin POP, PhD. Eng.; Professor Constantin VERTAN, PhD. Eng.; Professor Sever PAȘCA, PhD. Eng.; Eduard POPOVICI, Lecturer; Professor Claudius DAN, PhD. Eng.; Marian VLADESCU, Lecturer; Professor Adrian PREDESCU, PhD. Eng.; Cristian Gabriel ALIONTE, Lecturer; Petrică TURTOI, Lecturer; Gheorghița TOMESCU, Lecturer; Robert CIOBANU, Lecturer; Dinu FUIORESCU, Lecturer; Professor Adrian NICOLESCU, PhD. Eng.; masterand engineer Gabriela Marina ENE; Robert IACOB, Lecturer; Professor Cătălin AMZA, PhD. Eng.; Constantin RADU, Lecturer; Florin BACIU, Lecturer; Alexandra ROTARU, Lecturer; Professor Sorin BIRIȘ, PhD. Eng.; Roxana Alexandra PETRE, Lecturer; Mircea ROȘCA, Lecturer; Mădălina DUMITRIU, Lecturer; Mihai NICULESCU, Lecturer; Alexandru DOBRE, Lecturer; Cristina OPREA, Lecturer; Octavian Thor PLETER, Lecturer; Professor Sterian DĂNĂILĂ, PhD. Eng.; Casandra Venera PIETREANU, Lecturer; Professor Ionel SIMION, PhD. Eng.; Professor Vasile Iulian ANTONIAC, PhD. Eng.; Marian MICULESCU, Lecturer; Dragoș Florin MARCU, Lecturer; Nicolae ȘERBAN, Lecturer; Florentina NICULESCU, Lecturer; Professor Viorel FEROIU, PhD. Eng.; Daniela ISTRATI, Lecturer; Professor Daniela IONITA, PhD. Eng.; Professor Simina STEFAN, PhD. Eng.; Professor Cătălin ZAHARIA, PhD. Eng.; Professor Anton FICAI, PhD. Eng.; Professor Sorin Costin BILDEA, PhD. Eng.; Andrei VASILATEANU, Lecturer; Alexandru Mitrea DAN, Lecturer; Cristina Mihaela NISTOR, Lecturer; Professor Emil PETRESCU, PhD. Eng.; Antonela TOMA, Lecturer; Alina NIȚĂ PETRESCU, Lecturer; Cristina CÎRTOAJE, Lecturer; Professor Izabela STANCU, PhD. Eng.; Professor Georgeta VOICU, PhD. Eng.; Alina MACHEDON, Lecturer; Adrian IONESCU, Eng.; Assistant Eng. Iustina Cristina COSTEA MARCU; Natalia MANEA, Lecturer; Răzvan DOBRESCU, Lecturer.

Members of the HR Award working group:

Director Dana GHEORGHE, CS II; Professor Ciprian DOBRE, PhD Eng.; Professor Florin POP, PhD Eng.; Professor Alexandru MARIN, Radu-Ioan CIOBANU, Lecturer; Mihai CARABAȘ, Lecturer; Professor Gabriel DIMA, PhD Eng.; PhD Eng.; Laura BOANȚĂ, IPR expert; Professor Manuela EPURE, PhD; Professor Crăița CARP-CIOCÂRDIA, PhD Eng.; Sanda OSICEANU, Head of the Department for Management of Scientific Research Activity; Andreea HODREA, Head of Legal Office; Irina CERBULESCU, Legal expert; Loredana MANASIA, Learning and training specialist; Ana VOICHIȚA TEBEANU, Research advisor; Diana POPA, Research advisor; Andrei PÂRVAN, Research advisor; Ovidiu CONEA, Human resources expert; Luciana MIHAI, Head of the Department of International Relations; Florentina Alina BORCOȘ, Advisor for Structural Funds; Mihaela TOMA, Advisor for Structural Funds, Cristina FĂINĂ, International relations expert; Oana Daniela BUGAN, International relations expert; Alin-Marius MATEI, Public relations expert.

The project receives support from the state budget through the project „ Supporting the increase of the institutional research capacity of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest – CRESCDI” (contract no. 25PFE/17.10.2018) funded by the RDI National Plan III – Programme “Development of institutional capacity “of the Ministry of Research and Innovation. Of the three main activities supported by the CRESCDI project, one is dedicated to the strategic management of the research organization under the terms set forth in the HR Award. The project will be carried out between November 2018 – November 2020 and is coordinated by Tudor PRISECARU, Ph.D., Vice-rector for Scientific Research at UPB.