The European Funds Department has the role to contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the University’s Managerial Plan related to institutional development, diversification of education programmes and continuous training, in line with supporting the implementation of existing grant projects, as well as the development of new projects, including co-financing, thus contributing to the integration of the university into an international evaluation process to increase international reputation and visibility.
The overall objective of DFE is to attract additional sources of funding and to increase the absorption capacity of European non-reimbursable funds at UPB by developing a fair strategy in proposing new projects through identifying malfunctions and proposing solutions, as well as monitoring of implemented projects, developing reporting and monitoring tools, collecting information and generating specific situations for the process of development-contracting and the monitoring-reporting process.
In order to carry out its specific tasks, the European Funds Department operates through two services, the Development-Contracting Service (SDC) and the Monitoring-Reporting Service (SMR), whose specific objectives are:
– centralizing and monitoring project proposals to support the institution’s institutional development strategy and to avoid double funding;
– attracting additional sources of funding and increasing the number and quality of project proposals developed and approved by UPB in order to achieve a high rate of success;
– analysing and approving project proposals for submission to the management of UPB for approval;
– informing the UPB management on the identified financing opportunities and on the situation of the elaborated and contracted projects;
– the unitary and coherent implementation of the projects contracted by UPB;
– monitoring projects funded by European non-reimbursable funds during the 2014-2020 period by establishing and using a set of tools to collect the necessary information for generating reports and / or identifying malfunctions and proposing solutions.
In order to carry out the assigned tasks, DFE also collaborates with the other structures of the university (departments, faculties, research centres, etc.), Managing Authorities and Intermediate Bodies of Operational Programs, domestic and international organizations, as well as with Romanian and foreign legal persons, in order to reach the university’s objectives in the field of fundraising and project implementation.