Erasmus student mobility is based on the ERASMUS Student Charter.

For STUDY: To be nominated by your home university as exchange student implies an existent inter-institutional agreement between the two institutions.

For PLACEMENT: Directly contact the faculty responsible or the laboratory responsible person where you do your internship. After you receive a follow up from them, you can continue with the documents required by your home institution.

Regie Campus Accommodation (POLITEHNICA Bucharest)

The Erasmus+ Office of the National University of Science and Technology POLITEHNICA Bucharest has a limited number of rooms available for accommodation in Regie Campus. In the moment you choose the be accommodated in Politehnica Bucharest and your application gets validated, that means that we booked a place in the dorm for you. The price of the accommodation will be announced by the ERASMUS+ Office of POLITEHNICA Bucharest by email one month prior the start of the semester!

The rooms are shared only, for two people There are no single rooms! The accommodation in the dorm is provided only for exchange (incoming) students coming for:

  1. ERASMUS+ Study mobility at Politehnica Bucharest, the application is completed and submitted by the student previously nominated by the partner university, filling the Student Application form on and checking the box for Accommodation in Politehnica’s dorm.
  2. ERASMUS+ Placement mobility, by filling in this form, Room Reservation Form and sending it to the Responsible faculty coordinator from Politehnica Bucharest in charge of guiding the student during his internship/placement mobility.

Private accomodation

ADVICES if you want to rent a room/apartment in Bucharest:

  1. There are many Facebook groups with accommodation offers where you can create an idea about the places and the prices. Do not send money if the owner is asking to much in advance, or if is not convincing you with the information you get.
  2. If you do not have a place to stay before coming in Bucharest you can find a decent price on AirBnb or search the apartments/houses for rent on
  3. Try to get an apartment next to a metro station or any other tram/bus station (the fastest transportation in Bucharest is the metro).
  4. You can ask the help of an real-estate agent, but they will charge you a commission and will ask you to sign a pre-contract.
  5. Ask many questions when you see the apartment and before signing the contract.
  6. The warranty to be paid to the owner is common to be 1-2 months’ rent, usually paid in cash.

Useful sites:,,,,, a little guide

Full academic year 2024/2025 30/09/2024 – 20/06/2025
1st semester 

30/09/2024 – 11/02/2025

2nd semester 

24/02/2025 – 20/06/2025

Christmas Holiday – 21/12/2024 – 07/01/2025

EXAM SESSION 1st semester (3 weeks)

22/01/2025 – 11/02/2025

Holiday between semesters 12/02/2025 – 23/02/2025

EXAM SESSION 2nd semester (3 weeks)

31/05/2025 – 20/06/2025

2024/2025 academic year structure (Structura an universitar 2024-2025)

Grading Scale

Grade Romanian Grade Definition of Scale Interval
C 7-8 GOOD

During the application process the team of ERASMUS+ Office from POLITEHNICA Bucharest is counselling the incoming students in every aspect regarding their future mobility in the university as: academic issues, course changes, application documents and so on.

In the first day of the academic year the EO+ is organizing the “Welcome day for exchange students”. Where all of our incoming ERASMUS students receive their welcome packs and are briefed about the campus life, activities in the city and university survival guide, usually presented by ESN Poli.

In collaboration with Erasmus Student Network Poli (ESN Poli) we are providing a “buddy” or a mentor (usually a former Erasmus student) for each student which will apply for this aspect through the provided form.

Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages (FILS) is offering A Romanian Language Course which is part of the Catalogue Course. You will attend this course in the same period of time with your usual courses at UPB and only if you are an Erasmus student at our university.

The language course is available each semester and has 2 ECTS. In order to follow this course the Exchange students must add the course in the Learning Agreement. You can find information about the Romanian Language Course on FILS schedules.

Students have access international databases from computers located all over the 3 campuses.

The books and journals available in the UPB library cover areas as mechanics, electrical engineering, economics, management, chemistry etc…

Exchange students can borrow books using the library card which can be made in UPB Library – entrance “C” (corp C), ground floor. Documents required for the Library ID:

  • Application form (can be found in the library at each faculty check point)
  • ID/Passport/residence permit
  • Student ID
  • 3/4 photo

Working hours 2019

Students from EU member states entitled to a temporary stay on the Romanian territory must have the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) issued in their home country.

In case it is not possible to obtain the above mentioned card it is necessary to purchase medical insurance individually.

For the students coming from Non-EU countries is mandatory to have a private medical insurance.

In Bucharest, you can find a wide range of public or private hospitals, health centers, physician offices of all specializations, dentistry and other health services.

Citizens of EU countries do not require a student visa to enter Romania. They can enter Romania with a valid ID document (a valid travel document e.g. passport, or another document certifying identity and citizenship).

Non-European Union Citizens are are obliged to apply for study visas in due time, at a Romanian diplomatic mission or Romanian consular office from their native countries. In order to get the necessary papers for visa or visa extentions from us, the host university, you must contact our Erasmus+ Office, before or after your arriving in Bucharest.

For further information on the visa regulations, please check the Romanian Foreign Affairs’ Ministry website ( and for online submission service requests in order to shorten the time of residence permit application or extention, register and upload the documents on Portal IGI.

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