Erasmus student mobility is based on the ERASMUS Student Charter.

Preparatory activities for ERASMUS + mobility in UPB

  1. Student selection by faculty.
    • First, the student must be selected by the faculty for the type of mobility desired by the student.
  2. Registering at the partner university.
    • It is desirable to inform oneself about the ERASMUS+ Programme, on the UPB website, in advance.
    • After confirmation of the student’s selection, he/ she must enrol at the partner university (host) where he or she will move. The application can be online, and needs to be completed with student data and followed step by step.
  3. Preparation of the financial file.

Submitting at the ERASMUS+ Office the documents mentioned in the mobility preparation.

An important aspect of mobility is finding accommodation. Students are advised to contact the Erasmus+ Office of the host university in time to request information on accommodation. Useful information can be provided by other students who have benefited from the Erasmus scholarship in previous years, or by the teachers who guided students in their previous years during Erasmus mobility.

ATTENTION: Do not book the room at the host university until you have the certainty of the Erasmus+ Office of UPB that you will benefit from the Erasmus scholarship.

What is the duration of the Erasmus scholarship?

The duration of the Erasmus scholarship is in line with its purpose and the policy implemented by the UPB Senate on the Erasmus grant. Thus, if the purpose of the Erasmus grant is to take part in the courses, the duration of the internship is one semester or academic (5-10 months). If the purpose of the Erasmus grant is to develop the diploma or dissertation project, the length of the internship is between 3 and 5 months, being variable from year to year. In the case of a doctoral scholarship, the duration of the Erasmus exchange is 6 months. In the case of an Erasmus Placement grant, the duration of the internship is 3 or 4 months.

The number of months per faculties is divided according to a procedure established by the UPB Senate.


In the last year of study, the Erasmus grant is also awarded for the writing of the dissertation diploma project.

What is the Erasmus scholarship?

The Erasmus scholarship is implemented through two types of support:

  • – financial support: the Erasmus student  will receive an Erasmus grant from the Erasmus+ funds in accordance with the number of months and the monthly amount; in addition to this, during Erasmus mobility, students benefit from the study/ performance/ social scholarship, as well as financial support for transport, supported by UPB.
  • – institutional support: Erasmus scholarships are exempt from any tuition fees normally perceived by the host university.

ATTENTION: The ERASMUS grant does not fully cover all mobility costs (transport, accommodation, meals, books, etc.)

Each applicant supplements, when appropriate, with the necessary funds independently of the ERASMUS grant.

Students on the waiting list can opt for a FREE Erasmus scholarship, ie they will enjoy all the Erasmus benefits mentioned above, minus the Erasmus grant.