Upon returning to the country, you must bring the following documents to the Erasmus + Office of the UPB:

Erasmus study

  • Certificate issued by the host university confirming the completion of the study program;
  • Academic transcript if you have been attending courses;
  • Learning Agreement in original with the signatures from the host university. If you have made changes to the Learning Agreement after you have arrived at the host university, you must complete the Learning Agreement After Mobility;
  • Accommodation receipts (dormitory / rent) or any other supporting document;
  • Activity report signed by the project coordinator (4th year, master + doctoral students) or by the mobility coordinator (II-IV) from the host university.

Erasmus placement

  • Period certificate;
  • Transcript of Work, including the qualifications obtained;
  • Learning Traineeship After Mobility, original with signatures from the host company;
  • Activity Report, written in Romanian;
  • Accommodation receipt. If you lived with a host, you must bring a document confirming your stay, signed by the person you lived with.

IMPORTANT: You must present yourself at the Erasmus+ Office within 5 days of your arrival in the country.