The ERASMUS + Teaching programme is intended for teachers to carry out teaching assignments at a partner university, based on a bilateral agreement from a member country of the EU.

The length of a teaching placement is at least 1 week, respectively 8 hours taught.

More information can be found on the website of the National Agency for Community Programmes in the Field of Education and Vocational Training.


The following documents have to be filed at the Erasmus+ Office of the UPB (Room R401):

  • The application for external travel to obtain the mobility form signed and approved by the Dean and the Director of the Department (including the covering of the teaching activities in the country) at least 15 days before the departure;
  • Invitation from the partner university that includes: ERASMUS+ Programme, your name and surname, and travel period (the exact dates, day/ month/ year);
  • Teaching schedule;
  • A personal account in EURO is opened at BCR where the amount allocated for travel will be transferred;
  • Request for transfer of the approved amount, specifying the IBAN of the account;
  • Two copies of the individual contract with University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, which can be found at the Erasmus+ Office of UPB;
  • Copies after your ID.


Signing the financial contract at the Erasmus+ Office of UPB. A copy of the contract remains with the professor for acknowledging what supporting documents that he/ she must present at the end of the mobility period.


The reimbursement must be made within 3 business days from the arrival in the country. For this purpose, you must go to the Erasmus+ Office with the documents stated in the financial contract.

For the reimbursement the following documents will be submitted to the Erasmus+ Office of UPB:

  • Certificate issued by the host university, in the original, confirming the completion of the work program (8 hours / week), (It is very important);
  • The Erasmus Mobility Questionnaire, online. The link to it will be received on the last day of mobility.

Comment on travel efficiency (in response to the score requested by the European Commission). Describe briefly the content of the mobility and touching on the following points in your activity report:

  • In what language was the course taught?
  • Was the course part of the regular programme or was it an extra course? At what level did you teach the course: years I – V (U – Undergraduate), year VI (P – Postgraduate) or doctorate (D – Doctoral)?
  • The material has been produced before or is the result of the mobility requirements (if the material existed or was specifically prepared for this course)?
  • What professional benefits have been achieved through the teaching period abroad (if any)?
  • What kinds of other activities, if any, have been carried out while you were at the host university:
    • (i) Participation in exams, tests, etc.
    • (ii) Organization of student mobility, such as monitoring your own students abroad, etc .;
    • (iii) Research projects;
    • (iv) Organization of joint international events / seminars;
    • (v) Linguistic training;
    • (vi) Implementation of distance learning programmes;
    • (vi) Prepare future cooperative activities such as Intensive Programmes / Curriculum Development Projects.